Help everyone to develop their relational intelligence
and the company to gain in performance

Knowing your personality profile, understanding and adapting to other profiles, treating everyone as an equal, integrating the distinctive features specific to each situation, choosing the most appropriate behavior: these are the foundations of relational intelligence

What’s in it for individuals

  • A better understanding of your preferred behaviour and ways of reacting
  • A thorough knowledge of your qualities and related flaws
  • Development of your personal leadership and charisma
  • An awareness of your different stress-inducing scenarios and their consequences in your relationships with others
  • Greater behavioural flexibility due to a more appropriate communication mode
  • Factoring in your own needs and equilibrium between your private/professional roles
  • Learning words and expressions to foster mutual understanding and respect
  • Stepping back and choosing the most appropriate attitude in relational conflicts

What’s in it for the company

  • Change the corporate culture through interpersonal relationships that respect each person’s needs and concerns
  • Smoother communication at all levels, irrespective of people and functions
  • Strengthen team synergy by understanding the different members’ modes of operation
  • Factor in personality profiles and choose the appropriate communication mode
  • Accept differences and antagonisms as so many opportunities for mutual growth
  • Reduce sticking points by integrating the notion of attraction and allergy
  • Save time and boost performance by a stronger focus on achieving the common goal